Hello Beautiful!

I'm super excited to send you this special invitation for our Brow Henna training!

Let me tell you how Brow Henna will change your life.

If you already doing eyebrows or not.
If you know how to use this product properly, it can completely transform your business!  

Here is WHY;

There are a lot of people out there, who have nice eyebrows and don't want to do  permanent makeup.
Brow Henna service is an amazing solution, because it's been proven that Brow Henna lasts  much longer than any other tint products. 

Plus, designing eyebrows with Brow Henna, is much easier than, lash extensions or even permanent makeup 🙂 

And when you  build your clientele, they will be yours forever!  (My clients always say, you can move, but you can't die 🙂 )

If they like your work, they will come and see you every month for their eyebrow treatment! 

Here is the important part that you must know; if you don't know all of the tips and tricks to achieve those perfect results, you won't be able to create WOW eyebrows for your clients.

Eyebrow architecture is like an art, you are creating a masterpiece by helping others look better and feel better. 

It's your choice,  to go throughout trials and errors of learning curve, by yourself, and figuring out how to make it work, or have someone who will guide you and show you exactly what and how to do it!  

So if you are ready to become THE best Brow Stylist in your area; here is what going to happen:

Over the next 6 weeks we will have Q&A calls, where  will check your work and answer all your questions. (Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the call, we will have a recording, and you will still get your answer)

We will talk about all the key points and answer all your clarifying questions about...

- Eyebrow architecture 

- Why it’s important to design eyebrows by personality

- How to mix colors 

- How to help your clients to grow their eyebrows

- Mistakes and how to avoid them 

- How to charge $100 per treatment and more

- How to get certified 

I will send you a link to our members area where you can watch all the detailed training videos at your own pace

It’s  $300 for the training (or 4 installments of $75) for the entire course and QA calls...

As a bonus, you get a  Brow Henna starter kit  (That’s enough for your first 100+ clients)

Brow Henna is all over Europe now.

There’s a good chance that you are going to be the first one in your area to preform this treatment, and this training will help you become THE best brow stylist.

Looking forward to working with you! 

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